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Lone Star Lifesavers

Get Serious About Pool Safety – Become a Lone Star Lifesaver!

When a child drowns in a backyard pool it’s a tragedy – even more so because it’s preventable.

At this point it’s clear why children drown, and we even know how to prevent it. Simple steps that include formal swim lessons, focused supervision, barriers like pool fencing, and CPR skills can drastically reduce pool drownings on a community scale.

Despite these facts, drowning remains the #1 cause of death for young children. And Texas led the nation last summer in the number of children who drown in pools.

The battle now is to help parents and pool owners understand and get serious about the proven pool safety steps that can save children’s lives. This is the mission of Lone Star Lifesavers.

Busy parents have a lot on their plates. Lone Star Lifesavers helps them keep pool safety on the front of their minds by sending them free resources and regular bite-sized tips throughout the swim season.

When you sign up to become a Lone Star Lifesaver your only charge is to learn the steps that can make children safer around pools, and then to share that information with someone you know. Lifesavers also get access to great discounts from local business partners.

To learn 3 things you can do during your child’s next nap to prevent drownings in your neighborhood, visit

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