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Water Safety

Tragically, drowning is the number one reason for the unintentional death of children under the age of five in the United States.

Every year there are countless headlines about unnecessary preschool drownings, primarily in backyard pools. At Emler, we take water safety very seriously.

"Participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in 1 to 4 year-old children."  Institute of Child Health and Human Development, March, 2009.  Start teaching your child early water safety with our infant swimming lessons. Go to one of our free Waterbabies Orientaton to get started.

Choose a Designated Water Watcher

The only safe way to supervise children around water is to keep your eyes on them 100% of the time. Looking away for just two minutes is enough time for a child to lose consciousness and stop breathing.

Choose a designated "Water Watcher" at your water gatherings, just as you would chose a designated driver at an adult party. Providing a "Water Watcher" tag for the designated adult is an easy way clearly assign this responsibility.

Complimentary "Water Watcher" tags are available at all Emler Swim Schools and online at Lone Star Lifesavers.

Drowning is a silent death. Don't rely on listening to keep your children safe around the pool, any more than you would rely solely on listening to drive your car.

Your Child and Water Safety

Jan Emler of reveals the truth about the devastating statics for child accidental deaths in the United States. This problem has become not only a huge issue in Texas but across the nation. Find out what you can do about water safety and your child.

Pool Safety Training with Water Expert

Firefighter and emergency medical technician shares methods and strategies to make your pools and spas safer. Simple steps saves lives. Know the risks and the Safer 3 Layers of Protection from this video. Nathan, our water expert has great tips on safer water, safer kids and safer response.

Pool Safety Info Every Parent Should Know

This educational pool safety animation reveals shocking child drowning statistics and figures, then outlines clear solutions to keep your child safe. Get more info:

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