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Customer Testimonials

All of us at Emler Swim School love what we do and are amazed every day by our students, who prove they are capable of accomplishing incredible things as they develop their love for safe swimming and the water. We love reading feedback from our swimmers and their families, and we think that sharing their stories is one of the best ways for new swimmers and families to learn more about us.

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  • Thumbnail for Thuy - (Aivin- AGE 4 YEARS)

    Thuy - (Aivin- AGE 4 YEARS)

    Posted: February 11, 2016

    A year ago, my son had a near drowning incidence at our community pool. When we found him, he was in the water faced down for one minute. That one minute necessitating me as his mom to partially did CPR on him, and transferred him to Dell Children’s Medical Center; which he got oxygen therapy and rescued breathing treatment secondary to both lower lungs collapsing. 
    After he got released from the hospital, he didn’t show any signs of being traumatized right away. When he played at the playground or when he was at a bounce house, his fear surfaced and that’s when I knew he was traumatized silently. Whenever he would slide down the slides at the playground or at the bounce house, he would scream because the sensation of going down mimicked the sensation of him falling into the water at the pool.
    I was so worried for his safety that I enrolled him at your school to teach him how to swim. The first day was horrible, if I may put that experience into words. As I sat there staring at him fighting Ms. Amy by punching, kicking, and splashing water at her, tears fell down from my face as I saw my 4 year old son struggling to fight for himself, because he was so traumatized by his near drowning incidence that he associated water with life and death. That morning, it took both Ms. Amy and Ms. Sareta to work with him to calm him down.
    It took many lessons before my son was able to trust Ms. Amy and look forward to going to swimming class. When your school had to juggle to put him in another class, because he was the only one in there and that class was meant to have four students in it.  Your school put his emotions first and Ms. Amy worked with him for another two lessons to prepare him for a more advanced class, in which Ms. Amy still remained to be his instructor.
    Aivin is now looking forward to attending swimming class every Wednesday. Although, I believe his fear still lingers and hopefully, will be a memory in the past, he loves swimming and is now more confident in the water.
    Thank you for an excellent school. You have the student interests at heart and I comment you all for it. Each and everyone I have met at your school is professional, but personal. The fact that you put my son’s fear into your lesson planning speaks volume of your school’s integrity, values, and work ethics.
    With gratitude,

    Thuy Le

  • Emler Blog Thumbnail for Rocsie - (Lael- AGE 8 YEARS, Linus- AGE 11 YEARS)

    Rocsie - (Lael- AGE 8 YEARS, Linus- AGE 11 YEARS)

    Posted: November 11, 2015

    Dear Emler,
    I want to thank you so very much for helping my boys get, to not just used to the water, but to loving water.  My older son is looking forward to joining your swim team.  There was a time when they would not go near water without floatation devices, now they jump in the deep end.  I love the confidence you have given them.
    Thank you,

  • Emler Blog Thumbnail for Erin- (Nicolette - AGE 4 YEARS)

    Erin- (Nicolette - AGE 4 YEARS)

    Posted: October 26, 2015

    Our experience with Emler Swim School has been nothing short than amazing! We started my oldest, Nicolette, when she was close to 2 years old. We waited to start her, as my husband and I were both lifeguards and active swimmers when we were younger and worked a lot with our daughter making sure she was comfortable being in the pool. Nicolette was doing great, she was excelling in her swim classes and most importantly LOVED going to class. We were beyond pleased with her teachers and continued Nicolette in the next classes.

    Last Fall, we had a baby, finished up the class we were enrolled in, but then decided to take a break. With a new baby on our hands and it not being summertime, we figured we would just wait to continue in the summer (skip the Spring session). Well, Summer came and we enrolled Nicolette in the next class, where we thought she should have picked right back up. It was a HUGE mistake!!! Nicolette totally panicked.....she was so unsure of herself and refused to even put her head in the water. My husband and I were shocked....more so, terrified. We had no idea how this had happened. We seriously considered pulling her out of the program entirely because we were stumped as to what to do. Nicolette, who once could not wait to get in the water, now totally refused to get in.

    On a whim, I called up to Emler Anderson Mill and spoke to the most amazing, genuinely caring person who had also been Nicolette's teacher ....None-the-less her favorite swim teacher, Jen. I told her what was happening. Jen met us at Nicolette's next class and observed. I could hardly watch. Jen knew immediately what had happened. Here I was, terrified my child would never swim again and it turns out she had temporarily forgotten all she had learned (more importantly, she had lost all her confidence). Jen told us we needed to take a couple steps back with her. We were willing to try anything! Sure enough, less than halfway through the session her confidence came back!!! It was amazing to watch....she literally transformed right before our eyes. Nicolette had to re-learn what she had learned before.

    I know the program is a commitment both in time and financially....but after our experience so worth it. There is a rhyme to their reason; each class builds not only in skill but also confidence. I did not realize how hand in hand the concepts were. We learned the hard way what a lapse in learning can do.

    Thank you Jen for not letting us give up and for getting Nicolette back to being "totally excited" to swim!!!!

    All the best!


  • Thumbnail for Elaine- (Jessica - AGE 3 YEARS)

    Elaine- (Jessica - AGE 3 YEARS)

    Posted: October 12, 2015

    One Brave Day... "two weeks ago, my 3 year daughter and I went in our backyard where we have a pool. My daughter knows she isn't supposed to get in the pool unless accompanied by an adult. This particular day, we go outside and my daughter discovers her rake. She decides she is going to dip this rake in the pool. As she is dipping it in the deep end of the pool, she falls forward in the pool. Before I can jump in and save her, she has turned around, grabbed the wall, and pulled herself out. Needless to say, I know without a shadow of a doubt her training at Emler with Ms. Karen O. prepared her for that moment. We are very grateful for all she has learned at Emler." ‪#‎iswimemler‬ #emlersure #OneBraveDay

  • Thumbnail for Lisa - (Julia - AGE 5 YEARS, Aubrie- AGE 3 YEARS)

    Lisa - (Julia - AGE 5 YEARS, Aubrie- AGE 3 YEARS)

    Posted: July 4, 2015

    It was nice to see you back at the Anderson Mill location again.  We're looking forward to seeing the new site this week.

    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a great first lesson our youngest daughter, Aubrie, had with Mr. Eric last week. I could tell she was a little hesitant at first, but Mr. Eric put her at ease immediately and had her laughing, learning, and having fun in an instant.  After the lesson, she ran up to me and said, "that was so fun!" It's great to see her so excited about coming back again this week.

    I also wanted to let you know what a tremendous job Mr. David has done teaching our older daughter, Julia, how to swim.  Her progress has been amazing.  We've spent much of our summer so far in the pool, and I can't tell you how many people come up to me, asking where she learned to swim so well. No one believes me when I tell them how she struggled with such intense fears of the water and swimming.  We've been so grateful for Mr. David's unwavering patience and kindness. He never flinched whenever faced with fears and tears, and he did such a wonderful job building up her trust and confidence in the water.  Thanks to Mr. David, Julia is now the kid who always wants to go to the pool and is equipped with the know-how to swim well and stay safe in the water.

    Anyway, just wanted to share some of our successes with you.  Looking forward to a great summer session!

    All the best,
    Lisa (Julia & Aubrie's mom)

  • Emler Blog Thumbnail for Matt- (Mika - AGE 2 YEARS)

    Matt- (Mika - AGE 2 YEARS)

    Posted: June 18, 2015

    My wife and I are both still stunned that my daughter Mika's first lesson with Shawn went so well.
    We have always had very patient teachers at Emler, but it's also always been a huge struggle to get Mika into the pool with a new instructor.
    Shawn developed a rapport with Mika very quickly, she got in the water and had a great class without any drama or problems.
    I don't know how Shawn does it, but we really appreciate it!


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