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Introduces and refines the four competitive swim strokes including proper starts and turns.

Advanced swimmers will learn endurance and proper technique. Safety, snorkeling and synchronized swimming skills are introduced.  Classes are kept small, with a maximum of four students to every teacher.


A course for five year olds & up who can already perform rhythmic breathing and elementary backstroke for 40 feet. The final goal of Swimmers level is for students to demonstrate the proper freestyle stroke with unilateral and bilateral rhythmic breathing for 80 feet and the competitive backstroke 80 feet.

Advanced Swimmers

A class for six year olds and up who can perform freestyle with rhythmic breathing 80 feet and competitive backstroke 80 feet. The course goal is to swim swim the butterfly stroke 80 feet.

Watch Advanced Swimmers Video.

Super Swimmers

A class for students six years and up who can swim the butterfly stroke 80 feet, have mastered freestyle stroke and backstroke.  The final goal is for students to swim the breaststroke for 80 feet and swim freestyle 80 feet with bilateral rhythmic breathing and backstroke.

Watch Super Swimmers Video.

X-treme Swimmers

A class for children six years and up who can already swim the four competitive strokes. Students will fine-tune their technical skills of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, and learn proper starts and turns. Safety skills are also introduced.

Watch X-treme Swimmers Video.

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  • Texas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/21/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-53.86

  • Kansas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/14/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-48.80

  • DFW & Austin (Summer)

  • Kansas & Houston (Summer)

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