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Newborns are fresh from the aquatic environment in the womb. They do not know that they are primarily land animals. This is a perfect time to introduce such little ones to the water.

Please throw away that plastic baby bathtub you received as a gift. The too shallow water does not cover the baby to keep him warm, nor does it float the baby in soft buoyancy. Oftentimes the person who is bathing the baby struggles with holding the baby, while putting soap on a cloth and sudsing up the child. It truly requires three or four hands to do this safely, and usually results in an awkward experience for the infant.

Filling up the family bathtub, getting in together, and allowing your newborn to rest on your legs is much more relaxing and comfortable. Allow the warm water to cover most of his body, but watch to make sure his head never submerges. This is a wonderful time to sing, talk and vocalize with your newborn. The stimulation of the water on his senses along with skin on skin contact will help your infant to enjoy bathtime and to bond with you.

Attending the free Bathtime Babies course from age 2 months to 6 months gives you plenty of opportunity to learn more Bathtime activities along with other newborn parents.

The half hour class gives a parent and baby the unique opportunity to enjoy buoyancy in a non-threatening, warm environment.

Taught by an experienced instructor, the Bathtime Babies activities are designed to familiarize tiny students with the comfort and joy of water play.

Soon both baby and parent will look forward to this favorite activity of the week. The extra socialization and exercise of Bathtime Babies are excellent stimulation for a newborn’s health and development.

Bathtime Babies are prepped for success later when they join the Emler Waterbabies classes. Their advanced comfort and coordination learned in Bathtime Babies puts them at the head of the class for future swim lessons.

For a list of what to bring to class, click here.

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