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Our Programs

    • 2 months to 2 years
    • Submersion comfort, back float, breath control, kicks
    • Jumps and independent swimming
    • Parents can choose to participate on deck or in the water
    • 3 years
    • Submersion comfort, back float, breath control, kicks
    • Jumps, independent swimming, and independent breaths
    • 4 years and up
    • Freestyle, front breaths, rolling breaths
    • Independent swimming and Safety Jump
    • Elementary backstroke
    • 5 years and up
    • Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke
    • Proper stroke development, all four competitive swim strokes, rhythmic breathing

Our Programs

Swim lesson curriculum should be a living, breathing, ever changing part of a top notch swim school. Emler Swim School is making curriculum improvements every year, rather than depending on our past success to teach babies and children to swim.

Improvements can come from a variety of sources. The Emler Directors attend national and international aquatic education conferences and Emler likes to implement any proven techniques that make lessons easier for our students.

When new flotation aids, equipment, and devices are discovered, they are purchased by Emler to accelerate students' skill development in our lessons.

Much of the enhancement of curriculum that you'll notice at Emler is a direct result of an Emler employee who had an idea to expedite the learning process in a swim class.

Of course we are careful not to delete time honored techniques just for the sake of adopting new curriculum. Our experience of almost 40 year in swim lessons for babies and children gives us a huge advantage in overcoming any difficulty that could keep a child from swimming.

We believe that Evolutionary Changes at Emler create Revolutionary Impact.

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  • Texas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/21/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-53.86

  • Kansas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/14/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-48.80

  • DFW & Austin (Summer)

  • Kansas & Houston (Summer)

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