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    Each semester, thousands of parents at each Emler location trust our award-winning swim school to give their kids the best possible start in swimming. From our experienced instructors, to our state-of-the-art indoor facilities, and innovative curriculum, we have everything parents need to safely teach their child a lifetime love of water. Learn why we’re different.

    Was your child born to swim? Find out with a free Emler swimming assessment. Sign up now for a FREE 15-minute swim skills evaluation, 30-minute Waterbabies infant swim lessons orientation, or a full semester of Bathtime Babies classes for two- to five-month-old babies and a parent. Try for FREE.

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    Just as Schlitterbahn has come from Texas to Johnson County with the World’s Tallest Waterslide… so has Emler Swim School come from Texas to Johnson County to teach the World’s Shortest Swimmers. more

    Emler Swim School will teach their first swim lessons in Leawood, Kansas the week of March 24th, 2014.  With water heated to 90˚, professional teachers, and 40 years of successful swim classes, Emler Swim more

    Emler is looking for people who love kids.  If you are this person, get in touch with us right away.  We have a very satisfying job for you.  No experience teaching swimming is necessary. more

    Emler Swim School will open in Kansas City in March, 2014!  45 years ago, Jan Emler left Kansas City.  She left for college in Dallas and never lived in KC again.  But, this March she’s coming more

    Best for Moms and Babies 2014.  Everyone, even newborns, should experience the joys of playing safely in the water: That’s the philosophy that has guided Emler Swim School for nearly 40 years. Their free more

    Our award-winning, semester-based, 20-level curriculum is built on more than 30 years of experience teaching kids and adults to swim safely. More than 99 percent of our swimmers achieve the estab lished goals by the end of each semester of swim classes, building confidence and ensuring continuous advancement. Learn more.

    If you or your child are ready to jump in to a whole new way of learning about swimming and water safety, register now. Once you’re enrolled, for every friend new to Emler that you refer, you can earn $20 in SplashCash toward future swim lessons, pool parties or retail purchases with their paid enrollment. Sign up today.

    water safety Destiny came to Lone Star Lifesavers' Learn-to-Swim Program last week terrified of the water. As it turned out, she had been having regular nightmares about drowning. The thought of putting her face in the water sent her into uncontrollable sobs. And she clung to the side of the pool as if her life depended on it. But as the five days of lessons progressed, she became more and more comfortable in her class. By the end of the program she was on the verge of moving independently more