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Tailored Environment

Warm, Child-Friendly, Indoor Swim Facilities

There’s nothing like an overwhelmingly huge swimming pool, cold water, or chilly air to stifle a child’s natural love for swimming and water play. That’s why everything about Emler Swim School’s state-of-the art facilities is designed to make children feel warm, comforted, and safe, putting kids at ease to promote learning.

Dedicated staff members at each location carefully monitor and control both indoor air and water quality, creating a comfortable environment that you and your child will look forward to visiting.

Our crystal clear saltwater pools are small and comfortably shallow – with a maximum 4-foot depth – and are heated to 90 degrees year-round. The air temperature within the pool environment is maintained at 80 degrees, so no one steps out of the water shivering. And water is purified around the clock by high-end UV water purification systems that kill any dangerous microorganisms and eradicate any contaminants.

Cutting-edge air filtration systems continuously expel stale air and replace it with pure, fresh air, creating a safe environment for everyone – even children who have respiratory problems such as asthma.

Our glassed-in observation room gives you a clear view of your child at all times, but you’re welcome to sit poolside if you prefer. And our individual changing rooms ensure privacy for you and your child, before and after swimming lessons.

We invite you to visit any of our facilities and experience the Emler Difference first-hand. Find an Emler Swim School near you.

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  • Texas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/21/17-1/20/18

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    • Fall 2017 8/14/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-48.80

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  • Kansas & Houston (Summer)

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