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Emler Swim School’s proven Swim Script curriculum is divided into three semesters a year: Spring/Summer Prep, Summer and Fall. Every student is taught the necessary skills to achieve specific, level-based milestones by the end of each semester.

There are many benefits to a semester-based approach, but one of the biggest ones is consistency. Your child will stay with the same teacher and classmates for the entire semester, creating a comforting routine that encourages success and confidence. It also allows our teachers to build a bond with your child and become very familiar with his or her skill level and learning style.  If students master the goals of the level they are enrolled, promotion within the semester is not only allowed, but recommended.

Because semesters are offered year-round, students attend once a week, whatever the season. Educators have proven that this intermittent schedule of learning results in permanent retention of skills. By the end of each semester, 99 percent of our students are able to achieve the established goals for their course level, allowing them to advance to the next level with pride in their accomplishment. 

We recommend that children continue lessons until they are able to swim 40 feet while taking several independent breaths – our minimum standard for safe swimming. Once children become competent swimmers, we encourage them to complete the top levels of the Emler Swim Script curriculum to master the four competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

When you enroll at Emler, you’ll pay in advance for each semester of swimming lessons. If you start classes mid-semester, your tuition will be pro-rated so that you pay only for the remaining lessons in that semester. Our teachers and deck managers will work closely with your child toward achieving level goals along with their peers.

Help your child build swimming skills that will last a lifetime. Find a class now.

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  • Texas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/21/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-53.86

  • Kansas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/14/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-48.80

  • DFW & Austin (Summer)

  • Kansas & Houston (Summer)

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