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No other swim school offers the combination of high-end facilities, advanced water purification systems, highly trained instructors, and proven curriculum that has made Emler Swim School the best in Texas for nearly 40 years.

But don’t just take our word for it: Visit any Emler Swim School, anytime, to check out our facilities and meet our friendly team. Or, jump in to one of these ways to try Emler swim lessons for free:

Free Bathtime Babies © semester. Gently introduce your two-month- to five-month-old to our soothing, heated, water with an entire free semester of Bathtime Babies. Emler semesters can be between 11 and 20 weeks long. This series of 30-minute lessons teaches the parent how to effectively use the family bathtub for socialization, bonding, and introduction to the wonderful world of water. (Please note there is a $30 annual registration fee.)

Free Waterbabies orientation. Bring your six-month- to thirty-five-month-old baby to this one-time, 30-minute water class, where both you and your baby will have an opportunity to experience an Emler Waterbabies class. Guided by your instructor, you’ll see first-hand how your baby reacts to the water, the group activities, and the techniques Emler uses to teach babies how to swim. Be prepared to be surprised by how much you and your baby enjoy this introduction to buoyancy and swimming techniques.  *Note:  Due to restrictions on our Parent Portal you will be allowed to enroll in this one-time class, but it will charge you a $30 registration fee.  If you choose to enroll in a Waterbabies class, that fee will be applied.  If you choose not to enroll in an ongoing class your $30 will be refunded!  Our apologies for this inconvenience.  We are working to update the programming.  You may want to call the location to enroll for the Waterbaby Orientation and no fees will be charged.

Free swim skills evaluation. To ensure a perfect match of swimmer and swim class, we provide 15 minutes of one-on-one evaluation time in the water with one of our highly trained deck managers. This thorough assessment of each child’s swim skills ensures proper placement within our 20-level Swim Script curriculum.

Once you discover Emler Swim School – and your child discovers how much fun swimming can be – we know you’ll want to join the thousands of families we’ve been privileged to serve as our customers. Find an Emler Swim School near you.

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  • Texas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/21/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-53.86

  • Kansas (Fall)

    • Fall 2017 8/14/17-1/20/18

      Remainder of this semester's price: $-48.80

  • DFW & Austin (Summer)

  • Kansas & Houston (Summer)

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